The Tour of the Gila is pleased to announce that we will be partnering with Echelon Racing Promotions in their initial virtual racing series, the Echelon Racing League.

Project Echelon Racing, a domestic elite team and a veteran’s non-profit organization, organized and promoted 3 successful virtual races this past spring, the Virtual Redlands Bicycle Classic, the Virtual Tour of the Gila, and the Virtual Joe Martin Stage Race.  Echelon Racing Promotions, a subsidiary of Project Echelon Racing, has announced that they will be continuing their work to enhance the sustainability and visibility of in-real-life cycling through Esports in a premier cycling league format, the Echelon Racing League, during the sport’s offseason.

The Echelon Racing Promotions mission statement is to embrace Esports to enhance and globalize the sport of cycling by promoting races for the racers and their fans.

Echelon Racing Promotions is working in partnership with the virtual platform RGT Cycling, National Association of Professional Race Directors (NAPRD) and USA Cycling.  Echelon Racing Promotions has developed a diverse 8-race calendar, using modified, virtual versions of in-real-life courses.  Competition will take place from November through early March.  The Echelon Racing League will feature 20 of the top men’s and women’s teams from across North America, as well as select Esports and international teams.  The teams will race in their real-life race kits.  The league will recognize individual race winners, the series overall winners, and will feature a $10,000 prize list, with equity to the men’s and women’s series.

The Virtual Tour of the Gila race dates will be December 4 – 6, 2021.

Below is the complete calendar for the Echelon Racing League.

One of the more exciting elements of the Echelon Racing League is the opportunity for amateur and recreational riders to get involved.  Echelon Racing Promotions is working alongside event promoters and USA Cycling to provide categorized races for USA Cycling members on the RGT Cycling platform.  Additionally, there will be an opportunity for elite riders and their teams that are not a part of the Echelon Racing League to “race off” for a chance to compete as wildcards in the professional races.  Not a racer? No worries.  Echelon Racing Promotions is working directly with its in-real-life promoters to offer community fondo riders to support the Project Echelon veterans non-profit and additional charities of their choice. 

Tour of the Gila is honored to be a part of the Echelon Racing League.  We believe that Echelon Racing Promotions has created something special that will help the Tour of the Gila to grow our in-real-life stage race to a new level!